Getting Pixta web meeting started


Sometimes we need to look at your screen to resolve an issue with one of our services.  You will be sent an invitation, via email, with a link in it.

First off, use Google Chrome (Chrome) it's an modern browser, free and usually just works in getting this process started smoothly.

If Chrome is not your default browser copy and past the meeting invite link into Chrome.

On Windows you will see the following screens:



On Windows, I have found that I usually need to click the "Run" button, near at the bottom of the screen, to get the meeting software installed"


After the meeting software is launched, you'll want to change the default Administrator to your name before entering the conference...


in my case...



Lastly, if you want to use audio from your computer, rather than optionally calling in via a phone, click the button:

"Join Audio Conference via Mic & Speaker" 




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