Getting customers from QuickBooks to pixtaFlow


When starting out with pixtaFlow getting the accounts/clients your company works into pixtaFlow helps is necessary to using it.

There are several ways to do this, 

* Getting your customers into pixtaFlow

Install the Intuit WebConnector

In this article we'll tackle getting customers into pixtaFlow based on the existing customers from the Window's version of QuickBooks Desktop.  If you are running a version of QuickBooks you will need to export your customers to a spreadsheet and then import that into pixtaFlow.  From a PC running windows...

An outline of what will be covered is as follows:

* Backup your QuickBooks Company file.  While this operation is only reading your QuickBooks company file, we recommend you backup your QuickBooks company file before you start performing new operations on it outside of the main QuickBooks app.

* In pixtaFlow, as an admin user, add a password and user that will authenticate the connection from the Intuit WebConnector.  Note: Another pixtaFlow user is not necessary to connect to QuickBooks and there is no charge for transferring data between QuickBooks and pixtaFlow.

* Download the WebConnector file, already pre-configured for your account by Pixta.  That file will have the address for the WebConnector to contact pixtaFlow from your local QuickBooks computer.

* Install the WebConnector file just downloaded into the Intuit WebConnector and configure how you want the WebConnector to access your QuickBooks company file.

* Start the QuickBooks Desktop app, if not already running, it has to be running for the WebConnector to connect to the company file.

* Run the WebConnector file you have recently installed.

* Confirm the customers have transferred successfully in both pixtaFlow and there are no errors from the WebConnector.

Let's get started:

1) Backup your QuickBooks company file before you begin.  Steps to do this can be found here.

2) pixtaFlow needs to authenticate when there is an attempt to contact it.  To authenticate the WebConnector/QuickBooks import you'll need a username and password specifically for it.  Sign into pixtaFlow first as an administrator. 

Go to:

- Admin->Shop Settings

then click on the tab

- Other system passwords

Enter a username and a password that is the same as the WebConnector will use when connecting to pixtaFlow.


Note: Please remember the username and password you just entered into pixtaFlow for the QuickBooks connection, as it will also be needed to set your pixtaFlow credentials in the WebConnector in the following step.

3) As an Admin user, download the "customers from QB" web connector file from pixtaFlow.   The web connector file is in your pixtaFlow instance and configured for the pixtaFlow admin user you are signed in as.

The webConnector file is available at:

Admin->Shop settings


Click on the tab "Quickbooks desktop" and near the bottom you'll find a line similar to below:


Click on the Download link to the right of this line.  

4) Go to the location where you browser, downloads files and double-click on the newly downloaded .qbc file.

5) The association of the .qbc file should launch the Intuit WebConnector.  There will be several options and this install was setup by allowing the WebConnector to access the QuickBooks company file without any restrictions as it is just for the initial import.


6) Now click on the checkbox: Next to the WebConnector program you just downloaded.  This enables it so it can run in the next step. Below you'll see three different WebConnector Applications that have been added over time.  The one we are referring to in this article is the third PixtaFlow customers from QB.  Notice it is checked.Screen_Shot_2018-06-20_at_10.27.06_AM.png

7) As we've setup the WebConnector and credentials in both pixtaFlow and the WebConnector:

Click the "Update Selected" button and the process of transferring customers will begin.

8) Check for errors.  Those will be in the Status column.

If there are errors:

  • Double check your credentials are the same, username and password, on both pixtaFlow and the WebConnector.  Update those and run again.
  • If errors continue, email: for assistance.

9) After a successful run, goto pixtaFlow and reload the page: Accounts->View all and confirm all your QuickBooks accounts are now in pixtaFlow.

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