Changing/finding Contact names


| how can I add a list of Contacts so i can just choose a name from a drop down menu and it will have the name, address, number, e-mail etc.
In PixtaFlow each contact needs to be tied to an account. There are three different types of contacts in PixtaFlow:
1) Account contacts - A generic/default group of Contacts at the Account that are not in the billing or shipping departments.
2) Billing contacts - Contacts in the accounts financial department.
3) Shipping contacts - Contacts that are related to shipping i.e. one account may have several shipping locations.

The 'Search' field in the top-right corner of PixtaFlow facilitates finding, among other things, Account and Contacts. Once a Contact has been saved in PixtaFlow, you can type any Contact name and the search will try and find all order related references to that Contact. You click on the Contact's name to drill into the Account view which will show more about that specific contact.

On the order page you can also hover over a Contacts name and PixtaFlow will display in a pop-up details like name and address associated with that Contact.

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