PixtaFlow update for 4/2/2016


There have been several defects reported, and resolved, as well as some format changes in the estimator which will result in a PixtaFlow update available April 2nd.

These include:

  1. Calculating Unit costs for creative time.  As creative costs can be distributed over the entire job we have changed how we calculate the unit cost of creative time.  Now will calculate the Unit cost of creative time as: Unit cost = Ext. Cost / (copies * files).  This will not affect previous calculations but rather serves to be more clear.
  2. Product Rigger.  Not able to add more than one device per work center, break-even (cost) has been added. 
  3. Empty material families.  All material families should have at least one material in each family and empty material families are disallowed. 
  4. Negative adjustments not displaying all decimal places.  All decimal places are now displaying properly when an adjustment is made to the estimate.
  5. Inventory Item adjustment: Was taking quantity into account for unit cost, now calculating Ext. price correctly.
All of the above fixes will be available on April 2nd.

PixtaFlow Scheduler
We continue to work on the scheduler for PixtaFlow Version 2.  This is last planned significant feature that will be added to PixtaFlow Version 2 before work transitions to PixtaFlow Version 3.   The scheduler is a dynamic drag and drop resource scheduler which can be published to produce an operators work list.

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