PixtaFlow update for 11/21/2015


We've been working hard on the new version 3 of PixtaFlow but wanted to make sure important changes were incorporated into the current production release, version 2, as soon as possible.  Therefore we've added a few features to the current version of PixtaFlow, version 2, which are being tested now and will be available on November 21st.

These features include:

  1. Customize the quote description.  In the update there is a blank line in the detail view of the first line item.  If this is edited the auto-formating of the quote description is disabled and replaced by this line.
  2. Copy a job but choose whether to copy the job notes specific to the previous job. Sometimes when copying a job, the job notes were specific to the previous job and needed to be deleted after the copy.  With this change now you choose whether to copy the job notes along with the job to save some time.
  3. Quick Add a new customer from the estimate/order page.  When starting a new estimate or order, there will be a default customer which will be set to your first customer.  To quickly add a new customer click the "Quick Create" button to add the new customer's name, the contact name, the phone number and email address.  This feature should speed up issues with having to leave the page to quickly create a new customer.
  4. Moving to new work center (changing job state).  Prior to this update PixtaFlow tried to minimize mistakes when moving a job from one work center to the next by displaying logical move(s)/choice(s) for the current work center.  This turned out to be frustrating in some cases and has been removed in the update.  In this update you can move from any production work center to any production work center. 
  5. New Report: Sales by job state.  This report will show can generate a total of all sales based on the culmination of any selected job states.  So for instance if you wanted to see jobs in production vs. jobs invoiced just select the work centers for production and then select the Invoiced state (Note: Jobs that have been transferred to QuickBooks are moved into the Invoiced state).
  6. Reports: All columns in all the reports are sortable either ascending or descending (first click is ascending, second click-descending).
  7. Reports: Now have a column for Total and most have a column for Shop due date.
  8. Calendar view. Jobs can now be viewed as a weekly calendar view based on their scheduled completion date.  This is available from the menu Manage->Shop Calendar.
  9. Operators notes: From the actions menu operator's notes can be added for each line item, or job.  Operators notes are not printed on any form and can serve as a reference on what happened with the job.  Notes can be left by device operators to convey what happened say from shift to shift.
  10. Duplicating an order with, or without, notes: A sub-menu has been added when duplicating an order so that notes can be copied, or not.  Not having the old notes can save some time if the job specs. are the same but the build-out of the job is different, or different devices will be used.
  11. Monthly Sales Report: The format of the monthly sales report has been changed to show three main values: Jobs not invoiced, Jobs Invoiced and the total of both.  This should help tease out the $ amounts in production and not invoiced vs invoiced jobs.
  12. Outsourced Items have quantity: In this release a quantity field has been added to outsourced items.
  13. New Estimate/New Order: From the Estimates and Orders menu bar you can now enter a new estimate or new order without going through the customer page.  To enter an existing customer, erase the default customer name and  just start typing the name of the customer you want, after the second character the search engages and all valid matches are displayed.  Once a customer/Account is clicked on it is changeable until the order is saved.  You can also "Quick Create" see (4) above to quickly create a new customer.
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