What's new in PixtaSynapse?


In the latest release, we’ve focused on making transferring large files even easier.

  1. We’ve redesigned the Inbox and added an additional thumbnail specific view.  In both list and thumbnail views we’ve added the ability to drag and drop thumbnails to send files and recycle them.
  2. We’ve updated our PDF renderer so it can process just about any complex PDF you can throw at it now.
  3. Lots of design changes about how users are added and modified; taking what we learned from PixtaFlow and giving the user-management capabilities of PixtaSynapse the same ease-of-use.
  4. We’ve woven virus-checking even fluildly into our file pipeline so that checking for viruses is now faster.  Since we’re being helpful...we’re also displaying the 10 most active viruses in your Inbox updated automatically.
  5. We’ve changed our thumbnail renderer so it renders thumbnails even faster now.
  6. Speaking of thumbnails, when you upload a giant file our renderer it will diligently process files up to 500Meg Pixels.  And...when the render is completed it will automagically update the placeholder image in your Inbox.
  7. Tool-tips/hovering:  Are now enabled so when you hover the cursor briefly over a thumbnail, you’ll see details about that image: file type, file size, date uploaded, date downloaded, who sent you the file, etc.  If the file is being worked on by some task in the file pipeline, you’ll see the current state of it in the tool-tip.
  8. Right-clicking on a thumbnail generates a pop-up which you can choose an appropriate action: {Download, Send, Recycle and File Properties}.
  9. Underneath the hood,  our infrastructure is being revamped to accommodate more customers gracefully while still maintaining the great quality of service we’re known for.  We’ll be working on this as needed to continue to make PixtaSynapse the easiest way to transfer files on the planet.
  10. We’ve added a bunch more bandwidth and storage behind the scenes and will continue to do so as the service continues to grow.
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