FTP is what we currently use to transfer files, why is PixtaSynapse better?


PixtaSynapse has been designed from the ground-up to be modern large-file transfer system.

1)      No special software to purchase, install or configure. Only need a web-browser.

2)      Secure transfers between your browser and our servers using 256-bit AES encryption.  Same as used in banking transactions. 

3)      Professional management of the backend-servers

4)      Servers located in secure facility, behind locked cabinets with redundant Internet drops and backup-power in the advent of a power failure

5)      Zippy transfer rates

6)      Daily, weekly or monthly reports of account activity emailed to you

7)      No common sharing of folders like FTP. PixtaSynapse uses an email-like inbox where you view files sent to you.

8)      Tight integration between email and file transfer – email notification automatically sent to you when a file is uploaded, or downloaded, from your account.

9)  Virus checking of each file sent to your account.

10)  You can authorize and give others in your company access privileges to your account.

11)  Ability to un-delete files via our Recycle bin.

12)  An RSS feed for upload notifications from your account.

13)  Email notifications when the file is received by the PixtaSynapse system.

13)  And lots more...

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