What name should I use when I sign-up?


Try to choose a name which best describes your use of the account. Here are some suggestions:

  • the name of your company, team or group (i.e. bigsigns, our_company, teamsports)
  • https://files.pixta.com/bigsigns
  • https://files.pixta.com/our_company
  • https://files.pixta.com/teamsports
  • your first name, family name or a combination of the two (i.e. bob, thesmiths, bobsmith)
  • https://files.pixta.com/bob
  • https://files.pixta.com/thesmiths
  • https://files.pixta.com/bobsmith
  • the name of your project (i.e. mantomars, ycorpdeal, innovationsdeal)
  • https://files.pixta.com/mantomars
  • https://files.pixta.com/ycorpdeal
  • https://files.pixta.com/innovationsdeal
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