If I have a problem, using one of your services, how do I reach you?


For all support related issues:

  • Problem accessing one of the services (i.e. PixtaFlow, PixtaCatalog or PixtaSynapse)
  • Don't know how to do something the service provides (i.e re-order items in PixtaCatalog)
  • Trying to learn more about the features a service offers (i.e. Dragging multiple files to send in PixtaSynapse)

Simply click on the "Submit a request" tab and fill out the requested information and describe the issue.  Click the submit button to generate a support ticket in our support system.

Note: For quick questions you can chat real-time with us.  At the bottom-right of most of our pages we have a tab that, if an operator is available, will say: "Questions? We're here for you".  When the tab is clicked-on please feel free to chat and let us know what question(s) you have.


For sales, billing or press related questions please email us directly:  i.e. sales at pixtainc.com, billing at pixtainc.com etc.

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